What’s Different About Bohemia Lea?

Our animals are happy and healthy because they are raised ethically and naturally; they move about in the open air, find food, socialize, and live like they were meant to live.

We believe that chickens, pigs and cows thrive on growing grass and natural forage. There is a rhythm to the seasons that helps animals be their most healthy and delicious.  Letting the pasture, and farmer, rest in the winter fits the natural rhythm of the farm. Sometimes, we run out of our products—because we commit to the cycles of the seasons.

To raise the healthiest possible animals, using our land responsibly, we commit to the following practices:

  • We never use antibiotics or growth hormones.
  • We feed our animals locally sourced feed and they forage on our pasture and woods.
  • Our animals take longer to raise than those in industrial operations, as we follow nature’s cycles.